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April 06, 2008

Unix Tutorial

This brief tutorial is intended to give you the basics about a few simple, easy to learn UNIX commands that will enable you to do more with your Web Server. You do not need to know UNIX to use your server, but you will find your power to develop your web site seriously increased by these ten easy to use UNIX Commands.

pwd-- print working directory

ls-- list, equal to DOS "DIR".

mkdir-- make directory, equal to DOS "md".

rmdir-- remove directory, equal to DOS "rd".

cp-- copy, equal to "copy".

mv-- move, equal to DOS "move"

rm-- delete, equal to DOS "de".

grep-- search for a pattern in a file or files.

zip -- zip compresses a file or files.

unzip-- unzip decompresses a file or files.

passwd-- change your password.

chmod-- change file permissions