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April 04, 2008

Media Converter

You want to convert file audio to mp3 file, and you confused, what the software to convert it ???
it's the solution...
in my computer, i install Media converter. but.....
i not yet explore this software.
just review for you,
Media Converter is a simple program to mainly encode to WMA format or burn files to CD. However, you can also decode MP3 to WAV as well. Upgrading to the plus version will allow for master CD burning.
The burner in the basic version is slow, burning at only 1X to entice you to pay them some money to upgrade. Another large drawback is no buffer underrun support. My first CD I tried to burn came out a coaster. Even if your hardware has buffer underrun protection, the burning software has to support it.Overall, there is a lot better freeware out there. Upgrading to the plus version isn't really worth it due to the program not really being anything special.