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April 03, 2008

Getting Very High Quality Mp3 Files

I’m pretty sure most of you familiar already with mp3 format. With the popularity of portable music players these days, it seems mp3 slowly become the de facto format for the future of digital music files. Now have you bothered to check the quality of your mp3? Most people would probably careless with the bitrate quality, and probably satisfied enough using 128 kbps, but do you aware that you actually encode mp3 in higher quality? I’m pretty surprised how most people pretty oblivious to this method.

When encoding music into digital format, we come across two types: Lossless compression and lousy compression.

Lossless compression, as the name implies, is a format that suits audiophile needs to preserve the highest quality of their album as possible. FLAC is one of the most popular format used in encoding lossless compression. What is the backlash? Lossless compression is extremely big, though it’s much smaller than saving it directly into WAV files. It’s not ideal format for portable music players, and probably best used for backup purpose.

Lousy compression is the format used for most casual listeners. Lousy compression removes parts that are too complicated or too sensitive for our ears thus files’ size could be reduced drastically. 128 kbps CBR is generally used to encode mp3 these days, but do you aware that we could get better quality of using other technique? Scrap 128 kbps CBR, meet VBR encoding