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April 02, 2008


What it to be if moment We intended to visit warnet for download some important files sudden koneksi tardy internets or possibly happened trouble !. Beyond question sulky not!, added if process downloading which Kita do wrap-up approximant have, take example 96 % and broken abrupt, gagalah Our hope, caw file earn sheet berharga-pun raib. Answer to problem of to which actually frequently happened in negri Our is this beloved, enunciated which the name of element tekhnologi is less bekembang in comparison with neighbouring state. Possibly You have recognized with program downloader and or download manager like DAP ( Download Acceselerator Plus), possibly also Bit, Zip, but [whether/ what] you have recognized FlashGet!. Version the new of, dirilis 29 June 2007, is version of 1.90. Tak simply download manager, FlashGet also is download accelerator which design for overcoming problem of result file management and speed pengunduhan. FlashGet do pengunduhan by dissociating file kebeberapa part, and the mengunduh is little by little in simultan. This method can quicken finite process 5 compared quicker times;rill with pengunduhan is ordinary, and arrange location of storage of file. Imagine if you do files download equal to 5 Mb, with koneksi is ordinary could probably have 4-5 minute, itupun if koneksi which we applied was stable, if was tardy......

can 7-10 minute, but with FlashGet file we Download can only during 1-1,5 minute, economical of time and it is of course sheet worthed which Kita spend fewer dong, this is logo FlashGet after you install . Return to topic, FlashGet also will advise We is [whether/ what] file have diunduh have ever or not yet, ngapain download if it is again...... iya ///isn't it!.