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April 02, 2008

Distro Linux


Ubuntu is one of distribution Linux being based on at Debian and have interface desktop. Project Of Ubuntu sponsored by Canonical Ltd ( company of property of Mark Shuttleworth). Name Of Ubuntu taken away from by name a ideology concept in South African. “ Ubuntu” come from ancient language of African, what meaning“ feel perikemanusian to fellow being”. Ubuntu also able to mean“ I am me because existence of all of us”. Intention of distribution Linux Ubuntu is bring spirit [of] consisting in in Ubuntu into software world.

Ubuntu is[ operating system] complete base on Linux, available freely and have good support coming from professional past master and also community. Ubuntu x'self developed by volunteer community Ubuntu and we invite You is for having a share to participate to develop Ubuntu!

Community Ubuntu is formed based on idea which there are in[ philosophy] Ubuntu:

* *

that software have to be available freely expense of

* *

that the application of the software have to can be applied in each local language and people who having limitation of physical, and

* *

that consumer have to have freedom for altering software as according to their what require.

As for this freedom making Ubuntu is different from owner software ( proprietary); not merely equipments which You require is available dischargely, but You also have the right to modify Your software until the software work which You wish.

Following is team public commitment Ubuntu for of the consumers:

* *

Ubuntu would always free from expense, hence from that there will be no surcharger for“ edition enterprise”, we will make all best works Ubuntu available to everybody are with same Free term.

* *

Ubuntu also provide commercial support from hundreds of company in the world. Ubuntu dirilis in fixed and earn You is prediction; rilis Ubuntu is newest made available every is six-month. Every rilis will be supported by Ubuntu with repair at other repair and security freely during less his(its 18 month;moon.

* *

Ubuntu will figure in best aksesibilitity infrastructure and translation owned by Free Software community, this thing is good for making Ubuntu can utilized by much people. We also cooperate with all community[ Free Software] in the case of repair of bug and is each other dividing code.

* *

Ubuntu commit fully to principles from development of free softwares; for this our push public for using free software and open source, then made repairing him(it and then propagate him(itre-.

Ubuntu applied is compatible good to desktop and also server. Ubuntu in this time support various computer architectures like PC ( Intel x86), PC 64-bita ( AMD64), PowerPC ( Apple iBook and Powerbook G4 and G5), Sun UltraSPARC and T1 ( Sun Fire T1000 and T2000).

Ubuntu figure in more than 16.000 fruit of software, and installation desktop can be done by using one CD only. Ubuntu figure in all the application of standards for desktop start from word processings, the application of distribute sheet ( spreadsheet) [so/till] application for accessing internet, software for web server, equipments for programming language and of course immeasurable game.


Kuliax is a distribution Linux LiveCD developed by Kuliax Project for education in university. This distribution base on Debian GNU/Linux and Knoppix, and also optimization have towards usage of desktop Linux.


Fedora ( before all so called Fedora, Core, sometimes called as also with Fedora Linux) is a distro Linux base on RPM and yum developed by Fedora Project supported by programmer community and also sponsored by Red Hat. Name Of Fedora come from character fedora which applied in logo Red Hat. At rilis 1 until 6 this distro so called Fedora Core which then turning into Fedora at rilis ke-7.


SUSE Linux is one of distro Linux is main which made in Germany. SUSE Linux the original is translation in German from Slackware. The company is this time owned by Novel Inc. S.u.S.E is abbreviation from sentence in German“ Softwareund System-Entwicklung” (” System development and software”), but is information without ceremony saying that S.u.S.E attributed by Germany computer man of science Konrad Zuse.


Debian is operating system base on kernel Linux. Debian cum one of operating system Linux free to utilize by using license GNU. Debian is‘ independent kernel', that is operating system Debian pure developed without base operating system which have exist.