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April 02, 2008

Bisnis Online

under this our lay open 7 reason why You have to apply internet as supporting facilities for recent business:

1. In Good Fig 24 Jam

Not like practice of other offline business which the service

depend on office hours and workday, web site Imam

always stand-by 24 hour(clock and also can be accessed by [cutomer/ client]

from where just and any time.

2. Market Share range Which Goals

Through online promotion, you can effectively market

business based on the targeted market share. Either from

area facet, enthusiasm, requirement of [cutomer/ client], linguistic, and others.

3. Lift Your business image

By having a web site, image ( image) business andabisa is upraised.

Although business you are not be big, but

through attendance onlinely, business image you would

compared by upraised kompetitor is other and can compete

with company of large.

4. Expense Of More Efficient and effective Marketing

Because marketing through internet hardly goals and expense of

relatively lower compared by offline marketing, so that

expense which spent for the marketing is also more

efficient and effective.

55. ‘. Position ' Your business In Futures!

Progressively day, more and more business attending onlinely.

And so do kompetitor your. If not now,

later even also they will attend the business passed internet.

In consequence, attendance of situs your business in internets,

at least have helped to position your business in futures.

6. Water down you In Developing Good Relationship

With [cutomer/ client].

Because internet is media which interaktif, hence you by

easy to braid communications and take care of good relationship by

[cutomer/ client]. The good through newsletter, ‘ suggestion box',

survey/polling, forum,dll. Excess kinds‘ peripheral '

the, You can serve many [cutomer/ client]s in one time.

More economically of time, energy and expense, not??! :-!:-))

7. Responsive Automatization system

Through automatization system, web site you can give

response swiftly if to come‘ order ' or request

business information you are more complete from [cutomer/ client]s.

In all era of this instan, speed of service is

kemutlakan, not?! :-:-))