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March 01, 2008

Hai Forex

FOREX ( Foreign Exchange), or called as foreign exchange ( FOREIGN CURRENCY) in Indonesia, is activity of biggest finance business in world. In one day, fund a number of USD 1,5 are trillion changed hands. The on unique, market forex don't have one certain location or focused somewhere business institution, bank. Forex can sales and buy everywhere.

In this time, with the flower of progress of computer technology and internet, each and everyone can follow to participate in commerce of foreign exchange with capital which sufficiently small, even only by $ 1 ! Besides that, commerce of foreign exchange progressively draw enthusiasm much people because saves, high liquidity, stop-loss progressively sophisticated and… can transact any time.

At foreign exchange market, sell and buy can done only in calculation second during 24 hour every day, started from Sydney, thenTokyo, London, and then New York. This thing is not can be done by any activity of business. And because speed this liquidity, much people assume this foreign exchanges market as gambling. Someone can benefit ( won) and lost ( failed) in calculation second. Actually, normal trading process which happened in very quickly. In this foreign exchange market also remain to embrace done inveterate commercial law by everybody, BUY cheap moment and SELL high moment. Foreign exchange market have not excess owned by other business, transaction of two direction, can SELL formerly in price high and newly BUY in low price.

Every business require knowledge, skill, management monetary, risk management, experience and psychology management which enough for implementing and the Create profit, and so do with this commerce of foreign exchange. There Is Basal Analysis, Analysis Management, Risk, Monetary Management and Psychology. But don't be considered to be by heavy barrier, again, same as other business…

For example car sales, knowledge there must be adequate concerning brand, machine, body, painted, fuel consumption, aviability of access, market price, etc